Background Remover & Png Image Creator

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Background Remover & Png Image Creator is an app to erase the background of a picture, so you can cut people out with perfect accuracy and then paste them anywhere else.

Use the cropped image as a stamp with the option to resize, rotate and change the position. Most of the background image is also erased automatically by auto option.

Different Mode Offered:-

1. Auto Mode – This will erase your background and make it transparent to get the part of your image.
2. Crop Mode – Snip your photo by drawing the outline strokes.
3. Background – There are 20+ background that can suit to your cropped picture.
4. Gallery – You can also pick background image from your saved images.
5. Save and Share – Save the image with new place and share it in social media among your friends and family.

Background Eraser is quite a useful photo-editing app that lets you easily erase the background and cut figures in the front.