Braces 2020

"Braces 2019 let you get a realistic photo how you will look when you get the real braces.
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Guide to use : Braces 2020

Click get started : click on…

  • Gallery
  • Camera
  • Choose your photo and start editing.
  • Click on braces and change your teeth braces, lips, hair, eyes etc.
  • Click on effects and apply photo filters.
  • Click on adjust icon and adjust your photo brightness, contrast, blur, position etc.
  • Click on Text and write your text.
  • Click on crop button for crop your photo.
  • Click on vignette icon for give blur effect.
  • You can save your photo by clicking on save icon.
  • Click on Brace icon and make some changes in your photo.
  • Click on lips and select your suitable lips.
  • Click on Eyelash and choose your favorite one the apply.
  • You can change your Eyebrows, Earrings, Hairs, Eyeball and much more..
  • You can apply filters by clicking on Effects button.
  • Choose amazing filter effect on your photo choose effect and apply different different amazing filter effect on your photo.
  • Click on Adjust icon and adjust your photo lighting and position.
  • lot’s of amazing tools to edit your photo lighting effect.
  • Click on  Text icon and write your text in blank white box.
  • You can change your font style, font family . color etc.
  • Click on  crop button and crop your photo easily using crop tool you can remove unwanted area form image.
  • After crop click on crop button and continue your editing.
  • Click on  vignette button and set vignette effect on your photo.
  • Set blur amount by scroll right or left
  • set radius of vignette effect.
  • click on save button to save your photo in your gallery and share your photo with social media.