DJ Studio – Free Music Mixer


Remix your favorite songs or your own music,Mix music, make great mixes with this free DJ mixing Studio. Mix hits on the turntables weather you are a professional DJ or a starter mixer.

You can perform live, create loops and apply stunning FX in real-time. Whether you are mixing professionally or a beginner who just loves to create music, DJ Studio – Free Music Mixer offers you the most intuitive yet powerful mixing experience.
DJ Studio – Free Music Mixer transforms your device into a full featured DJ system.


– Inbuilt Audio Effects like echo, equalizer

– Render Your Audio Mix on the fly

– Record Your Vocals and mix it with karaoke tracks

– Mix Various Audio track for making musical jam

– HD sound Quality

– Make Audio Looper of your audio tracks

– Each track can be trim on the fly while making audio mix

– Perfect tool for musician and musical freak who quickly want to make a jam track and practice or make a quick audio track and impress your friends

Download and be a DJ Studio – Free Music Mixer!