Background Remover & Png Image Creator

Background Remover & Png Image Creator is an app to erase the background of a picture, so you can cut people out with perfect accuracy and then paste them anywhere else.
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Guide to use : Background Remover & Png image creator

  • Camera : capture new photo
  • Gallery : Choose photo from your gallery.
  • Click on Gallery button and choose your photo from gallery.
  • Capture Your photo using camera button.
  • After choose photo select the area which you want to cut.
  • using your mouse hold right button and draw area of selection.
  • Click on Accept button after photo area selection.
  • Click on Background button and select awesome background.
  • choose and click over the image to apply
  • Click on Background filter button and select awesome background filters.
  • choose and click over the effect to apply.
  • Click on filters button and select awesome filters effect.
  • choose and click over the filter to apply
  • Click on text button and write your text in text field.
  • choose font color lot’s of font color.
  • set alignment and format.
  • select font family for your text.
  • click on done button and set text on your photo.
  • Click on Stickers button and choose awesome and cool stickers.
  • click on stickers and set stickers on your screen.
  • Click on save button to save photo in your gallery.