GPS Route Finder : Maps Navigation and Directions

GPS Route Finder is the high-performance GPS navigation app to get you where you’re going safely, reliably and enjoyably. The aspect of accuracy in technology makes it the most reliable source of information!

Have you ever lost your way while driving to that crucial business meeting you have been scheduling for months? Does your layman procedure to find the right way to a destination, by asking random strangers, often lead you to a dead-end? Yes, right? Well, here’s the solution!

“GPS Route Finder: Maps Navigation and Directions”, is a handy tool for travelling and searching, navigation application is a blessing in disguise. From seeking a great restaurant to finding a way to your dream location, these apps are literally transforming the way of travel and living.

GPS Route Finder is the high-performance GPS navigation app to get you where you’re going safely, reliably and enjoyably. The aspect of accuracy in technology makes it the most reliable source of information! It also provides walking and driving directions in case you choose to hoof it.

The application proffers you to find the distance between two locations and have offline map information with this awesome app. It also offers Point to Point location saving for quick references and redesigns maps using multiple map styles while navigating on the device. Also, a renovated design and flexible search engine for new users is available. The user can use multi-Search options such as search by address and route finder. Directional mapping of the routes to navigate efficiently and timely is inbuilt in the app. The best and fancy feature provided by the developer in the app is that it has Customizable names on the maps to point to the current location. It’s a stable and light application.  Get instant directions on maps while driving or walking Pinpoint navigation under your fingertips to search a place like bars, cafe, colleges, ATM and many more with real-time updates. The app also allows users to contribute necessary information and mark places of importance thereby generating the most accurate description of a location. This makes it convenient for locals and visitors to ant destinations. It isn’t just about finding the right location, these applications guide you through the best routes possible and ensure you reach your destination without hurdles. Gen x and y use these apps for several things like getting the current status of traffic, determining the shortest and most expeditious way to reach an office or a venue and also knowing exactly how long it will take them to reach their destination. 

Download the app Now and enjoy the ride unproblematically.

Guide to use: GPS Route Finder: Maps Navigation and Directions


Let’s get started. Once you have installed and opened the app on your devices your eyes will fall upon five icons. Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Search Direction: Search Location By Address. Write the address in the search box and find your way.
  • Near By: Find NearBy Place like a restaurant or a spa or anything with just a few clicks 
  • Find Route: Find the Best Route from your location to your destination conveniently and get the highest connectivity possible.
  • Viewer Route: View Saved Location.
  • MY Location: Get Your Location where you are right now and wipe all the doubts about the place.


Search your direction by clicking on the Search Direction button. Write Your Destination and Search. Save Your Location and save yourself a hell of lot of time by not typing the whole address again in the text box in the recent times to come. It helps you when you are searching for the same location. 


To get a catch of your nearby places, in case, you don’t know the locality in which you are then use this application to find your nearby spots. Click on the Nearby button and select a place that you want to see nearby you. Lots of the categories of places that normally people go every day.


  • After the select a category of nearby places, you can see the list of your selected nearby locations. Choose any place and find the shortest route to go to that nearby place you chose with the help of the application.


Find the route by following the footsteps the guide of the application presents to you. Write the address in from the field Where You start and in TO field write your destination. Click on Get Direction. You will get the best route path you can also use path Direction You Can share Location and Save the Route and can change the Map Style.

Have a safe and time- friendly ride everyone!