Unpack Gzip, Zip & Tar Compress & Decompress - RAR & ZIP

Unpack Gzip, Zip & Tar Compress & Decompress – RAR & ZIP for packing and unpacking files without any difficulties!

“Unpack Gzip, Zip & Tar Compress & Decompress – RAR & ZIP”, is the most expeditious way to take out data and favorably save it without squandering any content. The application also grants an opportunity to zip multiplied files into one, which converts the bundle of files into a Zip file. Thus, it is well-equipped in saving time and space on the device. Now unzip all types of archive files viz. Zip, Rar, 7Zip, and Gzip in one click without losing the structure of the folder. The Unpack option in the app supports extracting data from an archive file and saving it within seconds. 

Unpack Gzip, Zip & Tar Compress & Decompress – RAR & ZIP for packing and unpacking files without any difficulties!

Rar Zip Zip Tar Unrar Unzip supports all popular formats that allow you to create and extract archives in such formats as ZIP, RAR, TAR, and others. It’s lightweight and fast, so it doesn’t clog up your computer, yet knows how to open all sorts of file archives. And if you need to save space, it will even automatically compress files for you. It can convert GZIP as it were. TAR (Uncompressed), TAR+GZIP, TAR+BZIP2, and TAR+LZIP (LZMA) can be compressed by using the above-mentioned application.  ZIP (Deflate) file can also be compressed using it. If the user doesn’t know how to use it then a guide is presented to you underneath.

BZIP2,  ZIP, GZIP, RAR4, TAR, TAR+GZIP, TAR+BZIP2, and TAR+LZIP (LZMA); all these formats can be extracted by using the following application.

Get the highest compression ratio for your files! Start to pack and unpack with Rar Zip Tar Unrar Unzip.

Download and install the above app to get your hands on the most comfortable as well as time-saving app of all the time. 

Guide to use : Unpack Gzip, Zip & Tar Compress & Decompress – RAR & ZIP


STEP 1:  As and when you have installed the app you will see an icon “Multiple file Handler”. Click on ‘Select file’ to Compress files to compare multiple files at once.

  • After Selecting File Select Archive Type eg. zip, RAR, etc.
  • Write Your Archive ( Compress ) file name.
  • Click on Tap to choose Location Button to select File location where you want to save the archive file.
  • Click on the Start button to compare the file.

STEP 2:  Extract file from Archive following the steps:

  • Click on Extract file from archive to choose your archive file.
  •  Tap to choose the Location button to select where the archive will extract.
  • Click on the start button and wait a moment until your file is extracted.

STEP 3:  Zip Explorer is one of the functions which is embedded in the application

  • Click on the zip Explorer button to select the zip file.
  • All files will be listed and you can extract your selected file.
  • Select the file and click on Extract Select files to extract the selected file.
  • Click on Extract All file to extract files.

STEP 4:  File Extract Tapped Location can be done by this application by following the steps.

  • Select Your Zip file.
  • Click on Tap to choose Location Button for Tapped Location.
  • Click on the Extract Button and wait just a second.

STEP 5:  Folder To Zip Converter can be created if you stick to the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select your Folder from your storage.
  • Select the Output location just click on Tap to choose Location Button.
  • Enter an Output file name.
  • Click on the Convert to Zip button.

STEP 6:  Convert Rar From Web

  • Click on Convert Rar from the web button.
  • Paste Zip file Url in Zip file URL field.
  • Write the file name/and click on the Download and Extract button.

STEP 7: Click on Yes Button if You Want to pin the Application on start.