Man Photo Editor- Hair Style & Background Changer

"Man Photo Editor is the best photo editor for men with face editing , body changer and virtual makeover and man makeup app.
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Guide to use : Man Photo Editor- Hair Style & Background Changer

Click get started : click on…

  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Crop photo manually.

Accessories and Styles : click on…

  • Man styles
  • Accessories
  • Makeover
  • Dresses
  • Bg eraser
  • Effects
  • Blur
  • Frames
  • New frames
  • Click on Man Styles button and change styles.
  • Click on Hair Styles and select anyone and place on photo’s head.
  • Click on Mustache and choose anyone then add mustache on your face.
  • Click on Beard then add on face.
  • Click on Eyebrow and select anyone.
  • Click on Eyeball and change eye color.
  • After selected hair style you can change hair color and position(flip vertical and horizontal).
  • Click on Accessories and add some on your photo.
  • Click on sunglass icon and add on your face.
  • Click on cap icon and choose anyone.
  • Click on stoles and select your favorite stole.
  • Click on Tie icon and see which in more suitable for you.
  • Click on chain and check latest design.
  • Click on Makeover and change your body styles.
  • Click on pack and make your abs visible.
  • Click on Back and choose your back muscle style.
  • Click on Chest and you can make your chest thicker and amazing.
  • Click on Tattoo and you can place tattoo on your photo.
  • Click on Dresses and change your Dress styles.
  • Click on Formal and choose your Formal Dress.
  • Click on Suit and you can see which suit is good for you.
  • Click on Traditional and give yourself a tradition look.
  • Click on Jacket and make a cool look.
  • Click on Bg eraser and use some tools for background.
  • Click on Eraser and erase you background.
  • Click on Bg and choose your another background.
  • Click on Text and add text on photo.
  • Click on Stickers and add multiple stickers.
  • Click on Done button and continue edit your design.
  • Click on Effects button and apply lots of color Effects.
  • Click on adjust icon and you can adjust your adjust your photo lightning, contrast etc.
  • Click on Effects icon for apply effect.
  • Click on filter icon and use color filter.
  • Click on Color icon and add some color effect on your photo.
  • Click on Blur button and make your extra part Blur.
  • Click on Blur icon and choose blur then paint on the area which you want to make blurry.
  • Also you can unblur the area with same brush and choosing unblur icon.
  • Click on Frames button and enjoy with different types of Frames.
  • Categories of Frames : Attitude, Border, Fashion, Macho. Choose any which you like most.
  • Click on New Frames button and enjoy with Love & Valentine Frames.
  • After creation click on save button for download and share your photo.