HD Video Player - Play Videos

The media player is an intelligent and convenient video player designed to provide an unparalleled audio-visual experience. It supports all video formats and ensures high-definition playback.

How to Play Video Using HD Video Player?

A robust media player system should be capable of collecting, organizing, and delivering all your music and video content, ensuring a seamless user experience. ‘HD VIDEO PLAYER’ is an application curated to meet these user needs effortlessly. This intelligent and convenient video player allows you to enjoy an unprecedented audio-visual experience, supporting all video formats in high definition.

An HD video player, equivalent to a media player, seamlessly plays music and videos consecutively. With features like video reversal, fast-forwarding, volume and brightness control, video speed management, and other smooth functions, it enhances your overall media experience. The video player supports almost every video format, including AVI, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MKV, 3GP, M4V, MOV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc., depending on your device decoder.

The HD video player, in conjunction with the device’s default decoder, decodes the format and plays the video, ensuring speed and effectiveness for a smooth, high-quality viewing experience. A simple touch allows you to move the video forward or backward. Additionally, the application features an embedded video gallery that compiles a list of all videos stored in your device library.

This perfect video player comes with all the essential playing options, along with rotation locking capabilities. Download and enjoy—it’s a must-have app for both phones and desktops.

Guide to Use HD Video Player:

Step 1: Once the application is downloaded on your PC or laptop, click on it to embark on a top-notch media playing experience.

Step 2:-  Click on the ‘Open File’ button, navigate to your device’s library, and then select the video you wish to play on your device.

  • Regardless of the video format, the player ensures smooth playback for your convenience. If you wish to adjust the audio delay, simply click on ‘Audio’ and choose the delay option. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose streams and enable them as per your preference.

Step 3:-  Utilize the Subtitle menu to enable subtitles on your video. You also have the option to choose fonts for your subtitles.

Step 4:-  Click on the video icon menu and choose the video aspect ratio. Additionally, you can manage video speed, utilize reverse playback for reversing video streams, take a screenshot of your video, zoom in on your video screen, and even record audio. Open the recording folder to check your screenshots and recordings.

Step 5:-  Click on the Settings menu icon and open it.

  • Now, click on the audio icon and select your primary sound driver or speakers (High Definition audio device). The Subtitle menu helps enable subtitles on your video, and you can also choose fonts for your subtitles. The video option allows you to choose the aspect ratio and manage brightness and contrast. The Theme option helps change the HD video player theme color.
  • After successfully configuring all the settings, save and apply.

Step 6:-  Click on the camera icon to capture a screenshot while playing your video.

Step 7:-  Click on the file folder icon to check your screenshot preview.