Instant Creator Video Editor

"Instant Creator Video Editor app comes with all the features required to create great videos. this app helps you to crop and trim video removing unwanted portion.
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Guide to use : Instant Creator Video Editor

Click get started : click on…

  • Original
  • Square
  • Choose your video and trim unwanted part.
  • Hold the blue bar corners and drag left to right and right to left.
  • Click on done button.

Some options for video edit :

  • Click on load video and you can load your new video.
  • You can play and pause your video using icon no. second.
  • Click on text icon and add text on your video.
  •  Click on music icon and choose your favorite music.
  • Click on save icon and You can save & share your video easily.
  • Click on Text icon and start writing.
  • Write your text in white blank box.
  • Click on Fonts and change font family.
  • After  write your text click on done button.
  • Click on music icon and select your favorite music then tap on add icon.
  • Enjoy your video with amazing music.
  • Click on Square button and fit your video in given ratio.
  • You can also use auto fit.
  • Click on background and choose your background color.
  • Click on fit corner and auto adjust your video.
  • Click on Expand and fit your video in full screen.
  • Tap on Resize icon for resize your video.