Photo Frame Editor & Poster Maker

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Now decorate your pictures with super high-quality Photo Frames, Choose from the various categories of frames as per the occasion. The app interface lets you pan/pinch/zoom/rotate to position your photo appropriately into the frame. Photo frame editor & poster maker is the most profound poster photo frame for collage photos! Make your photos extra fun with creative frames and picture collage layouts. Photo frame editor & poster maker set your photo in another photo frame with some creative frames and magazine cover. Photo frame editor & poster maker easily makes your photo more stunning than other photo frames. You can choose from a single photo frame, 2 photo frames, 3 photo frames, 4 photo frames, and 5 photo frames, and accordingly set pictures. Our new advanced features allow you to create such an appreciative & artistic photo and convert it into a masterpiece. Be unhesitant to use this unprecedented feature and take your creativity to another level.   By just clicking on the picture you can Zoom In, Zoom Out, Edit, Change Picture, Delete Picture, and more features to use.  Make your picture more attractive with the effects embedded in the application and post it on social media networking sites. Set a lovely frame on your photo. Frames give a complete look to a photo. Give an accurate finishing look to your images through this application. Cut your photo according to use. Remove the excess part of the picture to zoom in the features more closely and save it and edit the same. Easily rotate your images and flip them on choosing what according to you is your best side. 

Categories of Frames-

  • Billboard * Stand * Wall photo frame * Love * Birthday * Quotes * Alphabets Magazine * Party Polaroid * Flower * Kids * Women * Food * New year, Moments of life * Wedding * Animal

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Guide to use Photo Frame Editor & Poster Maker :-

Step 1:- It is our pleasure that you give us the chance to cater to your needs of making awesome, captivating posters and photo frames.

  •  Now sit tight and let the enriching experience begin by clicking on the application after you have successfully downloaded this wondrous application on your PC or laptop.

Step 2:- Once you open up the app, it provides you with the option of ‘Start’. Start the application by clicking on the button.

Step 3:-

  • When you start, the application will display a lot of categories of frames and each category has loads of design templates for you to choose from.
  • Choose any one of the categories such as Animal, Food, Wedding, and many more and choose the one you find the most attractive.

Step 4:-

  • Once the frame is chosen, tap on the screen to access the option of inserting images into the frame through the ‘Gallery‘ feature. 
  • Now, click on the ‘Borders‘ button, choose a border color, and apply it. Additionally, you can adjust the border size and explore various customization options.

Step 5:-

  • Click the ‘Sticker‘ button, choose your favorite sticker, and apply it.
  • Click on the ‘Text‘ button and give a name to your image creation. Additionally, you can customize the text color, font style, and more.

Step 6:-  

  • The ‘Frames‘ button helps you choose trending frames to use in your image creation.

All done! Click the ‘Save As‘ button to save your image creation.