Movie Maker And Video Editor

Movie Maker & Video Editor features unique filters and transitions that can be applied to videos. You can merge videos, trim videos to extract only a specific part…

Now, with our app, we provide you with a platform to change that. You can create and edit your desired videos very easily.

A continuous trail of photos or videos is of utmost importance, as it makes a complete collection of media truly captivating. We’ve got you covered.

Well, here we are to provide you with the trimming feature. Select the time duration you want to trim from both ends using the slider, and your video will be trimmed.

Audio clippings can sometimes enhance great pictures but not always. Users often find themselves in a continuous need to reconstruct audio to create an apprehensive aura for their images.

Connecting one shot to another can be a challenging task. There are moments where a consecutive shot has to be replaced by another, creating a continuous stream for the video to be both presentable and captivating.