Pic Collage Maker & Photo Editor

Collages demand strong composition within your imagery. Doodle with perspective, accentuate, and exaggerate it to create visually compelling collages.

Collages demand good composition within your imagery. Experiment with perspective, accentuate, and exaggerate to create unique collages. This application invites you to dive into the sea of your creativity, offering the perfect way to showcase a collection of your favorite photos. Add one or multiple photos to your chosen layout.

All photo collages are specially handcrafted for creative use. Share them on various platforms as stories or posts, and see the reactions of your friends!

The application also features a ‘Grid Collage’ function, preventing a messy look by dividing the frame into equal sections for images to fit seamlessly. Classic grid collage provides professionally designed templates, and you can customize the backgrounds to make your images look funky.

With editing, you can enhance the vibrancy and colorfulness of your photos. The PIP photo editor offers multiple filters, full adjustments like rotation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and fun additions like stickers. Create a perfect collage with this simple design, powerful collage maker, and amazing photo editor in PIP frames.

Imagine boasting multiple photos at the same time in a single frame – a collage with different backgrounds and your favorite people. Explore our grid collage feature for a fascinating and wonderful experience. Tap here to learn more.

Step 1:-  After downloading this marvelous application on your PC or laptop, launch it by clicking on it. Once the app opens, choose the ‘Collage’ option on the home screen to start creating your collage.

Step 2:-  Select your grid size from a variety of available options, including different sizes and grid columns. Tailor your grid for specific platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Step 3:-  Customize the background of your photos by utilizing the ‘Fill’ icon located on the right pane. Explore a range of options and choose from colored or patterned backgrounds available.

  • The background serves as the canvas that narrates the story or highlights one intends to convey. It allows the viewer to form a precise image in their mind, decoding the message hidden within the banner. Your background should be crafted to strike the viewer with the intended idea.
  • Click on the ‘Background‘ icon to add textured, colored, or customized backgrounds to your collage, enhancing its expressiveness.

Step 4:-  Use the ‘Adjustment‘ icon to modify the border-radius and corner radius by adjusting the slider accordingly.

Step 5:-  Flip and Rotate Collage Photos.

  • Select a photo in the collage, then click on the flip button to flip or rotate the photo as desired.