Movie Maker And Video Editor

Movie Maker & Video Editor features unique filters and transitions that can be applied to videos. You can also merge videos and trim them to extract only a specific part.

Making a movie involves several steps, namely adding videos and photos, adding music, adding captions, composing, editing (cropping, rotating, flipping, applying effects), and making and publishing.

Movie Maker & Video Editor features unique filters, transitions that can be applied to videos; you can merge videos, trim videos to extract only a part, get audio (.mp3 file) from video, and edit images with fun stickers and effects, among much more.

“Movie Maker and video editor” also presents a Slideshow maker through which you can create a slideshow by selecting images from the picture library, adding transitions to it, setting the duration of images, adding frames, attaching stickers, and texts over the slideshow, and setting background music to make it a perfect video. Through this application, you can easily record your video with your favorite audio clip. Myriad Emoji stickers are available for free to enhance your videos. Amazing beauty filters are available to enhance the videos you create with this app.

“Movie Maker and video editor” offers you the option to trim videos, cut a part of the video, and save it as a new file. There is a Video to Mp3 option to extract music and save it as an mp3 file from the video. The Video Editor, embedded in the application, lets you pick one or more videos from the video library to edit by adding filters, adding stickers/emojis for a particular duration, adding texts, or by adding amazing effects. Through the Video Transition tool, select an image and video from the library and add transition effects. Video Effects add impressions to the images and videos by selecting from a list of beautiful effects and overlays.

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A continuous sequence of photos or videos is of utmost importance, as it enhances the overall appeal of media. We’ve got you covered. The application allows you to play the video or the album in the slideshow, providing a preview of the edited video. This feature enables you to make corrections as needed.

Step 1:-  Choose photos or videos from the gallery of your device using the ‘Add Photo’ option. You can even specify the duration for each photo or video in the slideshow.

Step 2:-  Enhance your slideshow by adding effective transition effects. Choose from a variety of options available in the application using the ‘Transitions’ icon.

Step 3:-  Use the ‘Effects’ button to add filter effects and artistic features to the slideshow. Select the one you need to enhance the aesthetics of your video.

Step 4:-  Use ‘Stickers’ and ‘Text’ to add expressive emojis, stickers, and meaningful words to the slideshow.

Step 5:-  Enhance your slideshow by adding music of your choice using the ‘Add Music’ icon. You can choose it from the app itself or from the library of your device.

Step 6:-  Save the edited video in the gallery of your device.