Video Editor and Short Video Maker

It provides features such as video trimming, joining, adding background music, and text captions, to more advanced options like image filters and transition effects.

Video Editor and Short Video Maker” is a free video editor, photo movie maker, and slideshow maker – the only full-featured professional video editor for Windows. It supports multiple layers of video, images, and text, allowing for precise cutting and trimming, multi-track audio, color filters, and much more. The application provides features such as video trimming, joining, adding background music, and text captions. Additionally, it offers more advanced options like image filters and transition effects. Below are some of the features that the application offers:

  • Easily trim your video – Lightweight app.
  • Supports almost all video formats. – Add filters, change the background, and make your video unique.
  • Add text to your video.
  • Add your favorite music to videos or slideshows to make them impressive.
  • Preview your videos or movies.
  • Easily save and share. – Share your clips on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


  • Only a few clicks, and your photos will be converted into attractive movies and slideshows.
  • The new music library comes with even more built-in background music.
  • Import your favorite image to make the perfect slideshow.
  • Different themes for different occasions are available to choose from. Download the app and turn your photos into beautiful memories.

Video Editor

Video editing is a very essential skill these days; we all need it somewhere in our daily lives, whether it’s short funny videos, school projects, or social media stories. It’s simple video editing but can be a tough job too. Now, with our app, we are providing you a platform to change that – you can create and edit your desired videos very easily. Editing features provide wings to your videos. Certain tools just make it really easy to beautify the video.

Step 1: When you open the app choose a video from the gallery of your device and start your editing. 

Step 2:-  Click on the canvas icon and choose the perfect canvas for your video creation. You can easily select a canvas size tailored to various social media platform

Step 3:-  Use the “Split” function to divide the video clip by placing a vertical bar.

Step 4:-  Click on the copy icon to duplicate the video clip and create another copy.

Step 5:-  If you wish to delete the copied video clip, click on the delete icon to remove it from your project.

Step 6:-  Utilize the “Properties” option to move, apply stickers, add text on layers, and adjust volume in your video clip creation. Easily position your text and stickers in real-time duration on your video clip.

Step 7:-  Click on the “Add Layer” icon to include a new layer in your video creation. This feature allows you to overlay effects, stickers, or text onto your video.

Step 8:-  Enhance your video by incorporating transition effects. Choose from a variety of options available in the application using the “Transition” icon.

Step 9:-  Use the ‘Filter‘ button to apply filter effects and artistic features to your video. Select the one that suits your preferences to enhance the aesthetics of your video.

Step 10:-  Add your preferred audio to the video by selecting it from the app or your device’s library.

Step 11:-  Use the ‘Stickers’ feature to include expressive emojis and stickers in your video.

Step 12:-  Utilize the ‘Text‘ option to add expressive and meaningful words to your video.

Step 13:-  Use the ‘Add Clip‘ button to incorporate photos, additional video clips, or color clips into your video creation.

Step 14:-  Save the edited video to the gallery of your device.