Pic Collage Maker & Photo Editor

Collages demand strong composition within your imagery. Doodle with perspective, accentuate, and exaggerate it to create visually compelling collages.

Collages demand good composition within your imagery. Doodle with perspective and accentuate, even exaggerate, to create visually captivating collages. This application invites you to dive into the sea of your creativity, providing the perfect way to showcase a collection of your favorite photos by adding one or multiple images into your chosen layout.

All photo collages are meticulously handcrafted for you to use in a creative way. Share them on various platforms as stories or posts and see the reactions from your friends!

Another notable feature of the application is the ‘Grid Collage.’ Grids help prevent a messy look by dividing the frame into different equal sections, allowing images to fit in seamlessly. Classic grid collage offers various professionally designed photo collage templates, and you can also customize the backgrounds of frames to make your images look funky.

With the editing capabilities, you can make your photos more vibrant and colorful, giving wings to your creativity. The PIP photo editor provides multiple filters for decorating your photos, along with full-feature adjustments like rotation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and more. Add funny stickers to your images and create a perfect collage. PIP Photo Collage Maker has a simple design with powerful, fun PIP frames, a collage maker, and an amazing photo editor to bring out the most creative photo in a PIP frame.

Not limiting you to predefined grid sizes, pictures can be arranged as per your will, offering flexibility in positioning and direction. The Freestyle collage function caters to this need.

Step 1:-  Click on the Freestyle tool and open it.

Step 2:-  Upon opening the Freestyle Collage, the ‘Image’ option allows you to choose photos from your gallery to seamlessly fit into your customized collage.

Step 3:-  Utilize the ‘Camera’ option to capture the moment instantaneously and seamlessly incorporate it into your collage.

Step 4:-  Explore the features on the palette to add text and stickers to your self-designed collage. Customize the color, font, size, and more for your text. Additionally, resize the stickers you place to achieve the perfect aesthetic.