Sketch Photo & Video Effects

Applying real-time artistic effects directly with your camera is now not as cumbersome, as our application takes care of it in the most sophisticated way possible. This is the coolest Video Maker app that helps you create amazing drawing videos.

The artistry of sketches or live portrayals, with their expressive brushstrokes and gestures, significantly captures the essence of a person or place. Have you ever wondered how a photograph would be transformed into a sketch? Apps that convert photos into drawings provide a magnificent platform to showcase your creativity and the capabilities of your mind.

Introducing our latest application, “Sketch Photo & Video Effects” – a top-notch, off-the-charts tool that effortlessly turns your photos into sketches with just a tap of your fingers. Additionally, it allows you to enhance your videos with effects and beautifying features, presenting them in a different light. Whether you’re capturing new moments with your camera or transforming existing photos from your gallery, this app has you covered.

Featuring a straightforward user interface, “Sketch Photo & Video Effects” offers an easy yet fundamentally enriching experience for users to accomplish their tasks.

Real-time artistic effects directly from your camera are now effortlessly applied through our sophisticated application. It stands out as the coolest video maker app, enabling you to create amazing drawing videos.

Here’s how it works:

Capture or Choose Photo or Video: In today’s fast-paced, digital world, we all need moments to pamper ourselves. Catering to all generations addicted to photos and selfies, our app provides a ‘Gallery’ feature to select images from your device for editing. Additionally, our ‘Camera’ feature allows you to capture and edit photos instantly.

Step 1: Launch the application after a successful installation on your PC or laptop. The home screen displays the ‘Gallery’ and ‘Camera’ features.

  • To capture a moment instantly, click on the camera button on the home screen.
  • To edit an existing image, click on the ‘Gallery’ feature.

Whether adjusting settings to create different types of color sketches or sharing your creations via email or social networks like Facebook and Instagram, “Sketch Photo & Video Effects” offers a versatile and enjoyable experience for users.

Step 2: After select or capture your photo and video there is a tool to crop, you can crop your photo video before edit, or click on Pick Again button to select another file.

Photographs become a visual delight or eye candy when enhanced with simple yet effective tools like stickers, filters, or text. We offer you the ability to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your photos with the ‘Sketch Effect on Photo.’

Step 3: Click on the ‘Effect’ option and apply captivating photo effects from a diverse range of options.

Choose from an array of awesome overlay effects to add that extra touch of creativity to your photos.

Step 4:-  After Applying Sketch Effect to Your Photo, follow these options:

Click on the download icon located at the top left side of the screen. You’ll see three options:

  • Save as JPG
  • Save as PNG
  • Edit

Choose one of the following actions:

  • If you want to save your creation, click on either ‘Save as JPG’ or ‘Save as PNG’ to store it in your gallery.
  • For further editing with additional amazing tools, click on the ‘Edit’ button.

Step 5:-  After clicking on ‘Edit,’ explore an array of amazing photo and video editing tools. Let’s begin with the first one: Mosaic Effect.

  • Click on the ‘Mosaic Effect’ button to discover a variety of captivating options, including different Mosaic effects, blur effects, and colored Mosaic effects.

Tools Overview:

  • Brush Size: Choose the desired brush size for drawing.
  • Blur Intensity: Adjust the intensity level of the blur effect using this tool.

Experiment with both Blur and Mosaic effects by selecting them and drawing on your photo. Dive into the creative possibilities to enhance your images.

Step 6:-  Click on the ‘Effect’ option to apply captivating video effects from a diverse range of options available. Dive into the world of filters and artistic effects, setting the trend for altruistic and captivating videos. Explore the variety of options to make your videos worth watching, regardless of their duration.

Step 7:-  Click on the ‘Adjust’ button to fine-tune the brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, vibrance, and vignette effects of both your photos and videos.

Customize these effects according to your preference, allowing you to alter and enhance your media for a more captivating presentation. The application makes it easy to adjust effects to suit your creative vision.

Step 8:-  Click on the ‘Brush’ button to unleash your creativity by drawing doodles on your creation. Choose the pen size and color that suits your vision, and start freely expressing yourself on your photo.

Step 9:-  Click on the ‘Frame’ button to explore a wide range of stickers categories and frames for your photo or video.

Once you select the ‘Frame’ button, you’ll find an extensive variety of frame categories. Choose any category, and then pick your favorite frame to add an extra touch of creativity to your creation.

Step 10:-  Click on a sticker to effortlessly add and apply expressive stickers to your photo. Choose from a wide range of cool stickers to enhance the visual appeal of your creation.

Step 11:-  Add text to your photo or video by selecting the text tool. After choosing the text tool, type your text in the provided area, then click on the “OK” button. Adjust the text size and position on your photo or video.

Explore additional customization options:

  • Text Alignment: Set the alignment of your text.
  • Text Color and Background Color: Design your text by choosing colors.
  • Text Shadow and Opacity: Add shadow effects and adjust text opacity.
  • Text Style: Apply different text styles to create an amazing-looking photo and video. Experiment with these features to achieve the desired visual appeal.

Step 12:-  To incorporate an image into your creation, click on the “Add Image” button, and select your desired photo from your gallery.

Step 13:-  To include status stickers on your photo, click on the “Status” button. Choose a category of status, select the desired status, and place it on your photo or video for an added touch of expression.

Step 14:-  Once you’ve completed the editing process, save your creation in the gallery and share it with friends and family. You can save your masterpiece in either JPG or PNG format by selecting the respective option when clicking the “Save” button.