Movie Maker Master

Through this application, you can effortlessly record videos with your favorite audio clips. Numerous emoji stickers are available for free, allowing you to elevate your videos to the next level. Additionally, amazing beauty filters are at your disposal to enhance the videos created with this app.

Creating a movie involves various steps, such as adding videos, photos, music, captions, composing, editing (including cropping, rotating, flipping), applying effects, and finally, making and publishing.

Introducing ‘Movie Maker Master,’ a powerful, user-friendly video editor that comes fully loaded and is incredibly easy to use.

This application allows you to effortlessly record videos with your favorite audio clips. Unique beauty filters are available to enhance the videos you create with this app, and a myriad of emoji stickers are provided for free to elevate your videos to the next level.

‘Movie Maker and Video Editor’ offers a trimming feature for your videos. You can easily cut or trim a part of the video and save it as a new file. The embedded Video Editor allows you to select one or more videos from your library and add filters, stickers/emojis, text, or amazing effects for a specific duration.

Video effects add an extra layer of impressions to your images and videos, with a selection of beautiful effects and overlays to choose from. The Smart Movie Maker feature creates outstanding videos in minutes, perfect for sharing on social media.

Explore and discover new content every day for free, and broadcast whenever you want. Enhance your videos by adding your favorite music or sound for free.


In the fast-paced and digitally driven world we live in, it’s essential to take moments to pamper ourselves. In every generation, from the young to the old, there’s a shared addiction to photos and selfies. Our ‘Select a Footage’ feature allows you to choose the picture you want to edit from your device. Moreover, we cater to your desire for spontaneity with our ‘Shoot a Video’ feature, enabling you to capture instant moments and edit them on the spot.

Step 1:-  Launch the application after successfully installing it on your PC or laptop by clicking on it. Upon opening, the home screen will display the features “Shoot a Video” and “Select a Footage.

Step 2:-  Click on “Video Editor” and choose a video from your gallery.

Step 3:-  If you want to capture a video in the moment, simply click on the “Shoot a Video” button on the home screen. Alternatively, if you prefer to edit a video already stored in your device’s gallery, choose “Select Footage” from the home screen.

The split button facilitates the division of your video clip at the selected part.

Step 4:-  Utilize the “Copy” option to duplicate your video clip and create another video clip.

Step 5:-  Use the “Crop” button to trim your video clip at the selected part.

Step 6:-  The “Add Layer” function allows you to add a layer to your video clip.

Step 7:-  The “Filter” option enables you to apply trending effects to your video clip.

Step 8:-  Use the “Transition” feature to incorporate transition effects into your video clip.

Step 9:-  The “Add Music” option allows you to include music in your video clip.

Step 10:-  The “Stickers” button assists in adding stickers to your video clip.

Step 11:-  Utilize the “Text” feature to add text to your video clip.

Step 12:-  Click the “Save” button to save your video creation.