Video Editor and Short Video Maker

It offers a variety of features ranging from basic functionalities like video trimming, joining, adding background music, and text caption to more advanced options such as image filters and transition effects. This diverse set of features caters to both basic and advanced video editing needs.

Video Editor and Short Video Maker” is a comprehensive and free video editing application designed for Windows. Here are some highlighted features that the application offers:

  1. Video Editing Features:

    • Video Trimming: Easily trim your videos using this lightweight application.
    • Format Compatibility: Supports almost all video formats, ensuring versatility in video editing.
    • Filter Effects: Add filters and change backgrounds to make your videos unique.
    • Text Captioning: Enhance your videos by adding text captions.
  2. Audio Integration:

    • Add Background Music: Incorporate your favorite music into videos or slideshows to make them more impressive.
    • Multi-Track Audio: Enjoy precise control with multi-track audio support.
  3. Preview and Sharing:

    • Preview Functionality: Preview your videos or movies within the application to ensure they meet your expectations.
    • Easy Save and Share: Save your edited clips effortlessly and share them on popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  4. Slideshow Maker:

    • User-Friendly Slideshow Creation: Convert your photos into attractive movies and slideshows with just a few clicks.
    • Music Library: Access an expanded music library with more built-in background music options.
    • Image Import: Import your favorite images to create the perfect slideshow.
    • Theme Variety: Choose from different themes tailored to various occasions for added customization.

Whether you’re looking for basic video editing features or more advanced options, this application aims to provide a user-friendly experience with a rich set of tools. Download the app and transform your photos into beautiful memories with its versatile features.

Video to Photo:

“Video to Photo” is a tool designed to transform videos into a collection of great photos, enabling you to capture and preserve memorable moments in your life. This feature serves as a valuable tool for capturing realistic photo stills from your videos. Here’s how it works:

  1. Capture Memorable Moments:

    • Use “Video to Photo” to extract still images from your videos, capturing and preserving significant moments in your life.
  2. Realistic Photo Capture:

    • The tool ensures a realistic and high-quality photo capture from your videos, allowing you to relive the essence of those moments.
  3. Efficient Memory Collection:

    • Create a comprehensive photo collection from your videos, providing an efficient way to organize and revisit memories.
  4. User-Friendly Operation:

    • The tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for you to navigate and utilize its features for efficient video-to-photo conversion.
  5. Preserve Life’s Moments:

    • Preserve life’s special moments by transforming video footage into a tangible and shareable photo collection.
  6. Enhanced Photo Quality:

    • The tool ensures that the extracted photos maintain a high level of quality, capturing details and emotions effectively.
  7. Convenient Memory Retrieval:

    • Enjoy the convenience of having a visual memory collection readily available for easy retrieval and sharing.
  8. Flexible Usage:

    • “Video to Photo” offers flexibility in its usage, allowing you to choose the specific frames or segments from videos that you want to convert into photos.

Capture the essence of your videos and create a lasting photo collection with the help of “Video to Photo.” Download and use this tool to turn your video memories into tangible and shareable moments captured in photos.

Step 1:-  Open the ‘Video To Photo’ feature and select a video from your system device.

Step 2:-  After uploading the video, click on the camera icon to capture a photo from the video. This allows you to create multiple frames from your video effortlessly.

Step 3:-  Click on “New Clip” to add a new video from your device, and then capture a photo from the newly added video. This process enables you to create multiple frames and capture photos from different video clips.