Movie Maker Master

With this application, effortlessly record videos paired with your favorite audio clips. Access a myriad of free Emoji stickers to elevate your videos. Explore amazing beauty filters designed to enhance the videos created with this app.

Creating a movie involves various steps, including adding videos and photos, incorporating music, adding captions, composing, and the editing process that includes cropping, rotating, flipping, and applying effects. Finally, the last steps involve making and publishing.

Introducing ‘Movie Maker Master,’ a powerful, user-friendly, fully-loaded video editor that is incredibly easy to use.

This application allows you to effortlessly record videos with your favorite audio clips. Enjoy a plethora of free Emoji stickers to elevate your videos, and enhance them further with amazing beauty filters.

‘Movie Maker and Video Editor’ enables you to trim your videos by cutting a specific part and saving it as a new file. The embedded Video Editor lets you select one or more videos from your library for editing. You can add filters, stickers/emojis, texts, or amazing effects for a particular duration. Impressions are heightened with Video Effects, offering a list of beautiful effects and overlays. The Smart Movie Maker quickly creates outstanding videos in minutes, perfect for social media sharing.

Explore new content daily for free, broadcast at your convenience, and enhance your videos by adding your favorite music or sound at no cost.

Trimming Video:- 

Occasionally, videos may not align with users’ preferences or adhere to the uploading restrictions of social media platforms. To address this, we offer a trimming feature. Simply choose the desired time duration for removal from both ends using the slider, and your video will be precisely trimmed to meet your specifications.

Step 1:-  Eliminate unwanted sections of the video by adjusting the slider from both extremes.

Step 2:- Access the “Video Trim” option and choose your video from the gallery.

Step 3:-  The application supports all video formats, alleviating any concerns about compatibility. You can freely choose from various options, including H.264/MP4, Quicktime/.mov, MP3, MPEG, and many more.

Step 4:-  Adjust the resolution as per your preference, choosing from available options such as 720p or 1080p.

  • Click the “Save” button to store your creation, and feel free to share your video on various social media platforms.