Colors are responsible for how we respond to the surroundings. They sway our thinking and persuade actions and trigger reactions. Coloring book helps to develop the cognitive link between visual hint and words. It’s an initiative to go paperless and hence greener. Why waste paper when you can go green with this amazing app! It serves the same purpose with enhanced features and magnified results. Give colors to your wings and to the wings of the butterfly, only by using this app!

“Coloring book for you and me” is an application made by the developer for children and also for drawing enthusiasts. This application has sketches of many butterflies, cultures, dinosaurs, birds, and animals of different types and the kids can choose from a pool of colors and shades available in the app. Find joy and color your stress away! Coloring Book for You and me comes with lots of awesome content to explore which is an effective remedy to relieve your stress. This virtual coloring book is packed with a variety of coloring pages, & is designed for all family ages, girls and boys alike. It is suitable for adults! We have the best painting and drawing for adults and children.

Explore the secret garden created in beautifully detailed drawings and bring them to life using those colorful palettes with your imagination. Have fun in this relaxing painting experience, refill the energy and let anxiety fade away through coloring games.

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Animal Coloring book helps to develop the cognitive link between visual hint and words. 

Engage your kids in coloring and let them know and identify the different animals and grasp proficiency in the same. The child can access a new coloring image anytime and anywhere when he has the urge to color. The users can select their favorite animal from the wide range of templates available.

Step 1: Now that you have downloaded our application on your PC or laptop, we hope you have a great time using it.

  • As soon as the app opens up, the first option on the home screen is Animal Coloring Book. Click on it to color the animals of your choice.

Step 2: It will provide you with numerous options for animals. Choose any one of them to color the animal chosen in different strokes. 

Step 3: Pick a color from the palette and you are good to go.