Coloring Book for You and Me - Tap and Paint

Colors influence how we respond to our surroundings, shaping our thoughts, persuading actions, and triggering reactions.

Colors play a significant role in how we respond to our surroundings, influencing our thoughts and triggering reactions. A coloring book can help develop the cognitive link between visual hints and words. Going paperless is not only an initiative for a greener environment but also an opportunity to enjoy enhanced features and magnified results. Why waste paper when you can embrace this amazing app? Give colors to your wings and the wings of the butterfly by using ‘Coloring Book for You and Me’!

Created by the developer for children and drawing enthusiasts, this app features sketches of butterflies, cultures, dinosaurs, birds, and various animals. Kids can choose from a pool of colors and shades, bringing joy and stress relief. Suitable for all ages, the app offers a variety of content for adults and children alike.

Explore the secret garden through beautifully detailed drawings, bringing them to life with colorful palettes and imagination. Have fun with this relaxing painting experience, refilling energy and letting anxiety fade away through coloring games. Don’t miss this great app – DOWNLOAD NOW!

Birds have fascinated people throughout history, and as school kids, we’ve read stories about various types of birds, including the albatross, ravens, eagles, and more. This app allows children to draw birds and improve their sketching skills, encouraging creativity.

Step 1: Clicking on the bird option on the home screen will provide you with a variety of options available.

Step 2:-  After selecting the bird option on the home screen, choose a specific bird from the list to fill with colors. Pick colors from the palette available in different strokes, bringing your chosen bird to life with vibrant hues and creative flair.

Step 3:-  Once you’ve chosen your bird and outlined its features, pick a color from the palette, and you’re good to go! Apply the selected color to your bird with the stroke of your choice, allowing your creativity to shine.